Christmas Cruise 2021: Day 3, At Sea for Christmas Day

Most unique Christmas ever, being afloat on a cruise ship on the Norwegian Pearl for an 11-day cruise celebrating the holidays with family.

Personal Record Pool Swim

After a delicious omelette at the Garden Cafe (Deck 12, Aft) I brought Suzy a muffin for breakfast and then we headed to the pool on Deck 12. We got there just in time to participate with cruise staffer Lucy from Brazil leading another “fun fitness” class on the pool deck, this time with about ten participants. Her style was a lot like Zumba and we had a nice fun workout.

Afterwards we got into the pool for more exercise. The water was cool at 77° but it was refreshing and not too cold as long as you kept moving. Suzy did her water treading while I swam back and forth for a good hour. My Apple Watch said I set a new personal record for calories burned: 1,103 Active Calories and 1,247 Total Calories. My Christmas present to myself.

Specialty Christmas Dinner at La Cucina

For Christmas Dinner at sea, we enjoyed another specialty dining experience at the Italian restaurant La Cucina (Deck 12, Aft), just across from the Garden Cafe on the port side of the ship.


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