In Memoriam: Linda Epstein Flynn

My friend, Linda, died of cancer on January 4, 2018. I’m saddened that I hadn’t been in contact with her recently and only learned of her passing through friends two weeks after she was gone. She was an energetic person an had an enduring and deep love for her husband Danny as well as for her pets and all animals. She was also a jazz singer and released two albums through her Expresso Music label.

My wife Suzy and I first met Linda at Gold’s Gym in Ormond Beach, when she attended our GroovFit dance fitness classes. I remember one of her favorite routines was a workout mix cover of Dawin’s “Just Girly Things” because there was a part on the chorus where it goes “Stop, why you doin’ that?” and Linda though it was really funny.

Later Linda became a certified Zumba instructor and started her own business with it called Baila Con Linda (Dance With Linda). She would go into nursing homes, assisted living centers and the Moose Lodge in Ormond Beach and hold dance sessions with seniors. I was really proud of her for finding a niche and making a part-time income with it. Linda, being the sharp businesswoman that she was, would make more on her classes and sessions than the regular fitness instructors at the local gyms and she had a lot of fun in the process.

Linda taught me about jazz and The Great American Songbook. She used to be a regular entertainer at the Top of Daytona Restaurant on the beachside. When she learned that I played piano, she invited me to perform with her for a fundraiser in March of 2015 and she introduced me to some of her musician friends. My daughter, Serenity, joined our little trio on percussion and we had a great time.

Bow Wow Fundraiser

Over the next few months we performed a few times together and rehearsed quite a bit. Being classically trained, I enjoyed the challenge of learning jazz and the history of the Great American Songbook. Linda was patient with me and always encouraging. Good times.

That summer, Linda recruited a talented young upright bass player from Jacksonville and we played an outdoor jazz gig at the City Center Park in Port Orange. It was really fun, and the other bands that were there were impressed with our level of talent. I was flattered as I didn’t consider myself especially skilled in jazz licks and riffs. A good bassist, though, makes a huge difference.

Later that summer, Linda and I performed a duo set at the Thin Man Watts Jazz Festival in Deland. Her knowledge of lyrics was extensive and she knew hundreds of jazz, pop and R&B songs by heart. It taught me the value of having a deep repertoire. Our spouses were always present and supportive, helping load and unload gear.

In July of 2015, Linda and her husband Danny helped me move apartments from South Daytona to Ormond Beach. I’ll be forever grateful for that. Having friends that own trucks is essential in this day and age. Their willingness to help me really meant a lot.

I later lost touch with Linda and Danny for a while, as she went through her fight with cancer. I understand that she was in remission for a while, but then it came back aggressively and took her life. My heart goes out to Danny and Linda’s family and friends who will miss her sorely.

I will always hold on to the memories of making music with my friend, Linda Epstein Flynn. Rest In Peace, dear friend.



  1. I was saddened to hear this news about Linda. It made me realize that I have not seen her posting anything on Facebook in a long while. Though I am not a close friend of hers I do remember meeting her in the early 2000’s when I went to visit my friend Tracy Graves (who is a singer) in Jacksonville, Florida. She drove us to somewhere where Linda was singing in an outdoor sunny venue and eventually my friend got up to do a song or 2 with her. We stayed over at Linda and Dan’s house and I remember being a little intimidated by a BIG dog, at first,
    haha, but I also met Many, many pets in the house and think I recall her taking me outside to meet a horse, or 2? I recall that in the years to follow I saw her posts about gigs and fundraisers for different goals and I recall donating to one, likely one that involved animals. We chatted from time to time on FB. I found her to be a very genuine, upbeat, smiley and nice person who was a gracious host to me. My sincere sympathies to Dan and her family…May she rest in peace…

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