Winter Approacheth

It was a cold day in Volusia County, Florida today. The cold front that has been moving in the past few days, accompanied with blustery Northwinds, has dropped the temperature by almost forty degrees, into the mid-40s. It later warmed up a little, and by 5 PM the sunset was truly beautiful, but overall it was chilly day.

Having been a resident of Florida for the past 11 years, I don’t really have much as far as winter clothes. In fact, I don’t really have much as far as autumn clothes either. My day-to-day casualwear usually consists of shorts and flip-flops, with a T-shirt or polo shirt. The fact that I have to brave weather that I haven’t faced since I left Oklahoma in 2004 puts a little stress in my head. And my thick-blooded, webbed-feet Oregonian self has long grown out of the impermeable hide I had from being born and raised in Portland my first seventeen years on Earth.

Since I knew I’d be leaving the house, I went ahead and put on some slacks, my favorite comfy Thom McAn “Karl” shoes with equally comfy socks, and a polo shirt – something similar to what I would usually wear to Casual Friday on a work day. Instead today, I was going to pick up my daughter and go to a friend’s house to record some vocals for a song project he is working on.

The recording session was fun, with seven singers including writer/producer Dantrell Johnson, my daughter Serenity, and some folks from Trinity in Orange City. We belted our harmonies for hours, all to get to that perfect blend for the perfect take. We even broadcast on Facebook Live for a take or two, but with our headphones in, our audience only could hear the voices. The track “You Are God” is set to drop on New Year’s Day 2018.

After wrapping up our home studio session and a very salty lunch at Chili’s, I dropped Serenity off and headed home. The sunset over the ocean was spectacular and the wind made the sky clear, even with the strings of clouds remaining. Come to find out or heater doesn’t work. More leftover damage from Hurricane Irma. We got the air handler and roof unit replaced but now we need a separate unit for heat?

Why didn’t they check and test that when it was replaced? Why didn’t I? I’m so ready for 2017 to be done…

Winter approacheth…


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